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Nationstar Mortgage can be excluded on the list when discussing mortgages. This mortgage is well known to the public, especially for those who live in the United States. Founded in Colorado in the ninth year. With the current president and CEO, Jay Bray, Nationstar Mortgage has placed his name as one of the largest mortgages in the United States. More than 2 million customers and around seven thousand employees.

Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage is constantly increasing in every way. Every day, Nationstar Mortgage tries to improve its products and services so that all customers will always give trust to Mr. Cooper Nationstar Mortgage. One way to improve its products and services is to improve its website.

Nationstar Desktop Site

The website is built for customers to easily contact Nationstar Mortgage. Some people may not have the time to visit the Nationstar Mortgage branch, some people may be too shy and nervous to talk to customer service or to Nationstar Mortgage professionals directly. To make it easier, the website is created.

Nationstar Mortgage has two websites, namely Each website is different from each other. The function of the website makes it different. The first is made for the service side and the other is for the origination side. But, you do not have to worry and be confused because all websites can be accessed easily by your personal computer and phone.

One that can be accessed by a personal computer or laptop is known as a Nationstar desktop site, while another is referred to as a Nationstar mobile site. Actually, it’s just a mode. This means you can still install the Nationstar desktop site on your phone. You just need to change the phone mode in your phone. Nationstar Mortgages make things easier. Easier if you’re a smartphone user. Mr Cooper Nationstar’s desktop site has a few advantages. When you open Nationstar Mortgage on your personal computer or laptop, you can get the information clearly.

All information accessible is about service transfers, steps to get a new loan, or a guide to refinancing. With the Nationstar desktop site, you can play available videos if you want to learn more about mortgages and refinancing or if you have general questions related to both topics.

The video will also help you find the question if you have problems in making your mortgage payment. Nationstar desktop site can help you understand about Nationstar Mortgage easier and more clear. Instead, it’s a bit difficult when you access websites using mobile mode. Everything feels limited when using mobile mode. So, here’s your time to get information about Nationstar Mortgage through your personal computer, laptop, or smart phone.

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