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As a large mortgage company, Nationstar provides assistance for you who want to own a home. With over thousands of employees spread across the United States, we can provide the best service to our customers. Nationstar companies are scattered in four regions in the United States such as Buffalo, Chandler, Highlands Ranch, Irvine and another in India namely in Chennai. Nationstar has nearly three million subscribers and employees have to work hard to handle all customer issues so employees can provide the best solution.

But, as long as Nationstar operated for more than twenty years, of course this company also faced the bitterness and made this company have to face the demands of Nationstar. This can happen because some customers are not satisfied with the service received. Let’s find one example. One day Nationstar received a request from one of the customers. The expulsion was postponed probably by Nationstar until twelve September.

This means he has one more customer week to press Nationstar to cancel the eviction and offer him a loan modification. If there are banks that confiscate the house, we not only lose neighbors but we also lose people who have helped build that environment. He says that he fought for his home for three years, then Aurora lets him believe that if he is behind, he can get a modification.

They committed to cancel the foreclosure and modify the loan but a week before Aurora sold the loan to Nationstar, they told him they had changed their minds and he no longer qualified. Nationstar will go ahead with scheduled eviction. He’s not just a Nationstar mortgage victim but six other families in San Francisco also stand in this company and demand that Nationstar do the right thing and offer customers a fair loan modification. It happened in the year two thousand and twelve and there is no information whether it is clear now or not. But, if you experience the same problem, you better speak with our customer support at 888-480-2432. Or you can send an email.

Sending mail to the Nationstar office can also be your right choice. Now, Nationstar mortgage companies have mobile apps that you can download via Google Play for free. This will make it easier for you to make payments or anything related to mortgages. Due to some problems that happened in the past, Nationstar got a lot of lessons and made this company grow stronger now and become more professional in handling customer mortgage problem.

For information, in August two thousand and seventeen, Nationstar will change its name to Mr. Cooper. This is an important step forward in the company’s two-year transformation so that the home ownership process will be more satisfying and less worrying for the three million Nationstar customers. Hopefully, Nationstar will be a better mortgage company so it will not face the demands of Nationstar again. Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, if this article useful you can share to social media Google+, Facebook and others. thanks. – John Sadino –

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